How to Eat Rice Deliciously

How to Eat Rice Deliciously


Measurement is an important point for cooking delicious rice.
The precise measurement of the amount of rice is the first step to the best possible cooked rice, so it is necessary to be careful when measuring it.

If you have a measuring cup supplied together with your rice cooker, then using that measuring cup is the simplest method.
One cup of water is used for every cup of rice.

The unit in rice measurement is 180 cc volume or 150 gr weight of rice. Measuring with weight as the standard could measure more accurately.

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Wash the rice

When the rice is purchased, there is still a small amount of rice bran remaining from the polishing. The flavor will not be as good if it is cooked as it is, so wash it lightly with water.

* Kubota Rice Industry (SGP) rice: Rinse lightly just one or two times
* Generally available rice: Wash three or four times, until the cloudiness in the water is less
* Pre-washed rice: Washing is not necessary

Put the amount of rice necessary in a bowl and then wash it quickly with water to complete the washing process.

The water used when washing the rice is also important.
Rice is stored in a dried state, so it absorbs a lot of water used at the beginning of the washing.
The key to cooking delicious rice is therefore to use distilled water or Japanese water, etc. for the first water, and not tap water.

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Quantity of water

Another point to affect the finish of rice cooking is a proper quantity of water.

* To utilize the scale on rice cooker
* A cup of water for a cup of rice if the scale is not available.
* 180 g of water for 150 g of rice if the weights are measured.

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Before we start cooking the rice, we need some time to let the rice absorbing the water.
With the climate in Singapore, approximately 30 minutes is sufficient for the soaking.

If the rice has absorbed water evenly, there will be no hard center remaining when it has been cooked and it will be fluffy and delicious.

If you unavoidably have insufficient time for the soaking, then use warm water at around 50 °C instead of cold water and soak the rice for approximately 15 minutes before cooking it.

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Rice cooking and steaming

When using a rice cooker, you just only need to switch the cooker on, so there is nothing particular to be careful about.

However, do not open the rice cooker immediately after the cooking has ended. Wait around 10 to 15 minutes before opening it.

By getting rid of the excessive moisture during this “steaming process,” it makes the rice taste even better.

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Rice begins to oxidize as soon as it is polished, so it should be stored in a refrigerator.

It is convenient to transfer the rice to a commercially available rice box or a plastic bottle for storage.
If it is stored in the bag itself, then be sure to close the opening to prevent the mixing in of insects or foreign objects.

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Storage period

Rice begins to deteriorate as soon as it is polished.
Avoid long periods of storage whenever possible and try to buy the amount that you could eat finish in around one month.

If you order around one week before your rice runs out, we will soon deliver the freshly polished delicious rice.

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